Egger concrete pumps – Tireless and enduring

Egger concrete pumps – Tireless and enduring
May 2, 2022 Thomas Bleif
Thomas Bleif May 2, 2022
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Egger concrete pumps – Tireless and enduring

Egger Betonpumpe im Einsatz

The powerful T 39-65 UMV2 pump for concrete recycling water with its wear-resistant pump housing made of chilled cast iron with the proven Turo® vortex hydraulics is a guarantee for long service life under tough and demanding conditions.

Heavily contaminated water containing concrete components, cement, fine sand or small-grained mixed gravel recycled for reuse in concrete production can be pumped with great operational reliability. The reliable T 39-65 concrete recycling pump is mainly used for vehicle or basin filling and as a concrete mixer pump.

Egger Tauchpumpe für Betonrecycling und Mischerentleerung

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