Sludge control for centrifuge feeding in power plant

Sludge control for centrifuge feeding in power plant
November 24, 2022 Thomas Bleif
Thomas Bleif November 24, 2022
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Sludge control for centrifuge feeding in power plant

The Munich public utilities company has been operating the combined heat and power plant North in Unterföhring, Bavaria with three independent units since 1964. The main part of the energy demand is covered by hard coal with waste burned in two units. The electrical energy generated is fed into the municipal supply network. Thanks to coupled district heating, the hot water networks Munich North and Freimann as well as the inner city steam network is supplied with heat.

Heizkraftwerk Nord, Image right SWM

Three Iris® Diaphragm Control Valves with actuators are used to feed the centrifuges of the thermal power plant North. The sewage sludge with a dry substance content of 5 % is precisely conveyed into the centrifuges at an inlet pressure of max. 2 bar with the help of the Iris® valves. The Iris® control valves are characterized by a free passage cross-section, as the six segments can be retracted completely out of the housing and there are no obstruction components in the flow axis. Furthermore, the unique centric flow profile enables a very precise and energetically optimized process control.

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