Egger relies on Smooth Mobility

Egger relies on Smooth Mobility
July 8, 2019 Thomas Bleif
Thomas Bleif July 8, 2019
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Egger relies on Smooth Mobility

As part of a campaign to promote smooth mobility, Egger has concluded a partnership with the bicycle manufacturer Flyer enabling our employees to purchase e-bikes under special conditions. We are pleased about the great interest in this project and the active contribution of our employees to environmental protection.

In addition to that, three teams of four employees each took part in the “bike to work” initiative, which this year took place for the 15th time in May and June. 12 motivated Egger cyclists brought it to a total of 4465 km, corresponding to a CO2 saving of 643 kg. The participating employees had great fun with the campaign promoting not only health but also team spirit. Across Switzerland, 17.5 million kilometers of bicycle came from this year’s action, with almost 2’400 participating companies.

For futher information about the Bike to Work Challenge, please click on this link


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